Thursday, June 16, 2016

Fox News' track record with reality

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Writing about Megyn Kelly's recent piece on what she felt was unseemly anger from President Obama over Donald Trump's post-Orlando comments got me thinking about Fox News' track record with grasping reality.

It seems to do quite well at fathoming the conservative universe - perhaps because it plays an over-sized role in shaping it - but tends to fall to pieces when it comes to realities that go beyond the right.  

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Look at their 2012 presidential election polling.  It was a disaster.  Fox commentators were so sure that Mitt Romney would win, Karl Rove infamously made Megyn Kelly double check the network's own call of Ohio for Obama.    

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The network does fine within its own universe.  Unfortunately, general elections take in far wider territory, far more diverse mindsets & points of view.  And without their tried & true ideology guiding, Fox News tends to fall to pieces.

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