Saturday, September 19, 2015

The pathology of the American Right

After the 2nd GOP debate, can't take it any more.  Have got to come right out & say it - the party has a serious problem with pathological lying, one that's gotten increasing worse & worse since January 2009, when the GOP seemed to first go seriously off the rails.  

To start, let's be clear - I don't believe in abortion as it is currently available in the USA.  It should be legal, it should be available in certain situations & not to the general public. I believe that something worth protecting is created at conception. 

That said, am horrified at what I've experienced at the Right's mounting track record of apparently pathological lying.  Feels like they can't help themselves.

It started with GOP candidates who said, practically with their hands on a stack of Bibles, that of course they'd never touch Roe v. Wade, that it had been the law of the land for so long it should basically be considered sacrosanct.  As in American politics, pre-Obama backlash.  

Of course they want to overturn Roe v. Wade.  Overturning Roe v. Wade has been the GOP's core social precept since SCOTUS handed down the decision.  The drive to overturn it is like the one to ditch Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid - part of the Republican dna.

Now, the 2016 candidates running to nab the GOP presidential nod are hot & heavy to defund Planned Parenthood.  Carly Fiorina summed up what has always been the Republican core belief about abortion - ridding ourselves of the stain of Planned Parenthood is a test of the character of our nation.  

Few people illustrate the Right's pathological lying than Carly Fiorina explaining why Planned Parenthood needs to be thrown into oblivion.  She lied.  She lied multiple times, in a stunningly flagrant manner.  She continues to lie, insisting that she has seen a version of the roundly discredited videos that none of the rest of us have seen.  

Mind you, I don't fault her - Mrs. Fiorina is a conservative Republican.  It's part of her political warp & woof.  Time & again, they seem to believe, "If a statement works for me, it's not a lie even if it's not actually true."  

We now have falsiness to partner up with truthiness.

Conservative Republicans want to put Planned Parenthood out of business. They don't feel that way because of watching roundly discredited videos.  They've always felt that way.  

Conservative Republicans want to overturn Roe v. Wade.  That isn't new. They've been heart & soul committed to overturning it since the ruling was handed down.  

They want to get rid of Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid.  Always have, always will.  

And any Republican who tries to soft peddle any of these issues, anyone who acts as if this is a recent "come to Jesus" moment for the GOP rather than what they've sought for decades & decades - well, look up the definition for pathological liar

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