Thursday, September 17, 2015

Elect me, learn about my secret plans

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Yet another reason to strike Carly Fiorina from my "maybe" list.  

My ears pricked up when she made such a good case for the current conservative political class failing to secure long overdue entitlement program reform...

The professional political class—Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio among them, but certainly not limited to them—here's where they always fail us. How long have we been talking about entitlement reform? We talk about it every election. We talk about tax reform every election. And guess what? Nothing happens. There are binders full of great conservative ideas on how to reform Social Security and entitlements. And we will never get to it because the political class can't challenge the status quo. 

About as good a tutorial on conservative frustrations on the issue as I've heard.  Very Fiorina-esque ~ direct, clear, on point.  But then she lost me.  
Asked, "Do you think privatization is a useful structural reform to make?" she responded...

I think there are loads of great ideas on how to make Social Security more financially solvent. I do not think there is a prayer of implementing a single one until you get a leader in the Oval Office who's prepared to challenge the status quo. And I am not prepared to go to the American people and talk to them about how we're going to reform Social Security and Medicare until I can demonstrate to them that the government can execute with excellence, perform its responsibilities with excellence, serve the people who pay for it with excellence.   

Bravo to John Harwood for his spot-on response - "Now, that is a dodge worthy of a very good politician."

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Dodge evasion pussyfooting - Ms. Fiorina's answer might have worked in a board room, but not in presidential politics.  She deftly beat around the bush with,  "Elect me because I will bring about entitlement reform BUT there's no way I'm going to tell you the form that will take until I land in the Oval Office."  

Ms. Fiorina - that lack of a reasoned reply might not be as outlandish an equivocation as we expect from Donald Trump, but it's getting close.  

"Elect me, learn my secret plan."  Nah.

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