Sunday, September 11, 2016

All I Know About Donald Trump I Learned From Roger Ailes' Little Fair & Balanced Book of TV Journalism

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For anyone who REALLY wants to understand the Trump campaign & the GOP candidate, look no further than his longtime friend & political advisor, Roger Ailes. 

To put it in terms simple enough for a six-year old to understand (but should never be subjected to):
  • Roger Ailes realized his greatest dream in establishing Fox News - a political operation providing a filter-free mega phone for the increasingly far right conservative movement. 

  • Roger Ailes laid the groundwork for the Trump candidacy.  Forget all the air time Ailes gave Trump once DJT came out as a rabid birther.  Ailes' #1 contribution was nurturing a gullible electorate - accepting Donald Trump as a reasonable candidate for the presidency of the United States is no more ludicrous than going along with the claim that Fox News is "fair & balanced."  T'ain't now, never was.

  • Roger Ailes is deaf dumb blind when it comes to his own faults, no matter how ludicrous it might seem.  Witness his cries that he's innocent of being a sexual predator, in spite of a) over a dozen women supporting with their own stories the allegations originally made by Gretchen Carlson; b) audiotapes by Carlson of Ailes being a sleaze; c) the fact that he was given the boot by the Murdochs (Carlson was paid $20 million to settle, but Ailes came out ahead, with a $40 million pay off out); d) the anointed Megyn Kelly was one of the women bringing the heel to heal. 

  • Roger Ailes demands utter loyalty without knowing the meaning of the word.

  • Roger Ailes will use any means he can to reach whatever ends he wants.

All you need to know about Donald Trump can be seen in Roger Ailes.  If you're up to stomaching a peek.

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