Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Semper vigilans - always watchful

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Semper vigilans - always watchful.  Important words to remember over any election cycle, imperative during this one. 

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Yesterday, someone wrote a Facebook comment sharing what he acknowledged upfront was an unsubstantiated, possibly incorrect, report about a candidate.  Then proceeded to treat the suspect story as fact.  

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There have been times that I've whipped off a posting about something that seemed to be true, but wasn't.  Not once have I shared something with the cautionary that it might not be completely accurate, let alone proceeded to ask a question based on the potentially erroneous report.  

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Anyone who's on Facebook has the ability to do an online search.  I pledge to embrace semper vigilans as a personal credo.  No matter how much something makes my blood boil, I'll first confirm that it's being INDEPENDENTLY* reported by more than one reputable source.  (*What look like multiple sources can turn out to be rehashes of one report.)  I know from my own sorry experience how easy it is to indulge in "sounds true" gossip.  

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This year, more than ever, we need to be responsible, do all we can to be an accurately informed electorate.


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