Saturday, July 8, 2017

Understanding DJT

It just hit me this a.m. that I understand what makes POTUS 45 run.  He's like someone close to my heart.  On their own, immense wealth, power, celebrity mean nothing to him.  He craves the feeling of wholeness he gets when others consider him #1.  His campaign slogan should have been “Make Donald Feel Great. Again. And Again. And Again…”  

From what I’ve seen & heard, DJT feels locked into second place to his father, Fred.  He feels whole when he feels super-sized – then, he is bigger than his pater. 
Therein lies the irresistible allure of Vladimir Putin.  Every inch former KGB, Putin knows just what to say to make DJT feel pretty darn wonderful.  He is a master of finding common ground & using it to bond the other to him. Look at them at the G20 - two guys against the anti-Russian American Establishment, against the worldwide Establishment!  I dare say Putin has more clout with the American president than even Ivanka.  

No one can make Donald feel the way Putin does & that will be as powerful as any drug.  The only way to get & stay in supply is via the Kremlin.  And that ain't good for anyone.

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